Recent Projects


Lumpen Issue 122
This is the second All Comics Issue of Lumpen magazine. Edited by Joe Tallerico, this edition features an international sampling of some of the best comic artists on the planet.

Contributors to Lumpen Magazine issue 122 include: David Alvarado, Max Bare, Nate Beaty, Ben Bertin, Michiel Budel, Kevin Budnik, Andy Burkholder, Jessica Campbell, Danielle Chenette, Ryan Travis Christian, Jo Dery, Krystal Difronzo, Nick Drnaso, Edie Fake, Leif Goldberg, Anna Haifisch, Sean Hernandez, Keith Herzik, Juliacks, Bret Koontz, Blaise Larmee, Sara Lietten, Ben Marcus & Nicole Ginelli, Marieke McClendon, Ian Mcduffie, Bernie McGovern, Lane Milburn, Jason T Miles, Max Morris, Onsmith, Paul Nudd, George Porteus, Eric Rivera, Otto Splotch, Joe Tallarico, Mike Taylor, Jeremy Tinder, Carrie Vinarsky, Leslie Weibeler, Lale Westvind


Version Festival 14: The Placemakers ( June 2014)
The 13th annual edition of Version festival  investigated the intersections of creative placemaking, tactical urbanism and social practice. Visit Version Festival’s website.

Typeforce 5
PMI along with Firebelly Design is produced the fifth annual exhibition of Typographic All Stars. The juried show opened Februray 28, 2014. Highlights of past shows can be seen here>

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 2.05.11 PM

Chicago Street Art: Paint, Paste, Sticker
(Winter 2014)
Public Media Institute published the  catalog for the Chicago Cultural Center’s recent survey of Chicago Street Art.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.23.03 PM

Proximity 011: The Art and Food Issue
(Fall 2013)

We published the potluck edition of Proximity Magazine Number 11, wherein we investigate the intersections of art, food, politics and social practice. We are following our noses and inhaling the increasing preoccupation of food being used in contemporary art. Our engagement with projects that have inspired us in recent editions of Proximity, Version Festivals and MDW fairs, and romps throughout our city’s art ecology has lead us to this inevitable feast. And of course the increasing collaboration between chefs and brewers with community groups and social causes has given us a pause to further consider this blossoming movement of culinary social art practice.

Spontaneous Interventions
(Summer/Fall 2013)

Public Media Institute had two projects included in the Spontaneous Interventions exhibition, organized by Cathy Lang Ho on behalf of the Institute for Urban Design.

Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good features 84 urban interventions initiated by architects, designers, planners, artists and everyday citizens that bring positive change to neighborhoods and cities.

Spontaneous Interventions is devoted to the growing movement of architects, designers, artists, and everyday citizens acting on their own initiative to bring improvements to the urban realm, creating new opportunities and amenities for the public. The exhibition received over 178,000 visitors in Venice, and earned a Special Mention from the Golden Lion jury, the first time the United States has been honored in the history of the Venice Architecture Biennale.​



Version ⑬ An Urban Operating System
(June 14- 22, 2013)
Since 2001 Public Media Institute’s Version Festival has introduced innovative projects that tackle local social and urban issues. The festival highlights projects and people that engage public interest and promote the cultural use of public space.

For Version Festival 13 we launched An Urban Operating System. The Urban OS celebrates the energy and imagination of people who make the city a better place to live, work and play in.  During the festival we examined projects that serve the common good, and connect us to services that everyone can use in our neighborhoods.  These socially engaged projects promote the cultural use of public space and demonstrate innovative forms for funding ideas and actions.

An Urban Operating System is an ongoing  campaign by the Public Media Institute to examine applications and ideas promoting opportunities for renewing our public space.  Visit and Public Media Institute for more information.​

Typeforce 4: Showcase of Typographic All-stars
(March 2 through March 15, 2013)
In conjunction with Firebelly, PMI hosted our 4th annual showcase of art and design  at our gallery, The Co-Prosperity Sphere. Over 4o artists from around the world took part in the exhibition. Over 1,000 members of the art and design community attended the event.

SMALL is Ordinary Shop
From October 15, 2012  through January 1, 2013 The Small Manufacturing Alliance (SMALL), a project of the Public Media Institute, created the SMALL is Ordinary Shop. The Shop was part of the Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: Industry of the Ordinary exhibition which took place in the Chicago Cultural Center. The Shop was be located on the first floor, re-imagining the former Cultural Center gift shop. Over 150 local boutique manufacturers had their products represented and sold at the Shop.

The SMALL Showroom
The SMALL Showroom was launched May 2012 during Version Festival 12 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere  (3219 S Morgan Street) in Chicago. SMALL Showroom is a nomadic shop created to launch awareness of SMALL members’ products and services. Think of it as the People’s Macy’s. Public Media Institute helped launch SMALL with financial and operational support.

Version Festival 12: Bridgeport The Community of the Future.
Each year we produce Version Festival. It is an annual arts festival that intersects, art, activism, social practice, urban development and design.  In May 2012, Version festival created twelve pop-up store front projects and businesses which formed the basis of a neighborhood-wide social intervention. The spaces were open from a month, projects ranged included an artisanal donut shop, a record store, a bookstore, a new art gallery to the SMALL shop.  This year’s festival  features over 500 participants and reached over 8,00o attendees.

Public Media Institute Research Library
The PMI Research Library is a collection of art, architecture and design periodicals . The library is a site of interaction and research for individuals interested in hard to find and unique publications. PMIRL was created to establish a dialogue about new urbanism, contemporary art, and graphic design in Chicago.

Printervention debuted in Chicago in the Spring of 2010 as part of the annual arts festival Version Festival.

Printervention underscores the necessity for the support of artists and the idea of civic responsibility to the greater society. Inspired by the Depression era’s Works Progress Administration (WPA) that hired artists to make murals, posters and other art for the everyday, Printerventionists are asked to recreate that era’s style of communication.

The inaugural exhibition featured over 70 posters and prints by artists from around the US who created work inspired by the WPA of the 30s. The exhibition included a mobile silkscreen cart, public art installations, as well as workshops, demonstrations and collaborations at the Chicago Tourism Center Gallery.

Typeforce is the annual showcase of emerging typographic artists that takes place at the Co-Prosperity Sphere. It is the only typographical art and design showcase in the midwest.

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