Upcoming Projects

Exhibitions 2015:

Level Eater 5.0 -  January 30, 2015
Our fifth annual  group exhibition of work influenced by science fiction and fantasy.

Typeforce 6 – February 13, 2015
Our sixth  annual showcase of emerging typographic artists.

Urban OS 2.0: Ninety Nine Things You Can Do In Bridgeport – March 2015
PMI examines projects that serve the common good, and connect us to services that everyone can use in our neighborhoods.  These socially engaged projects promote the cultural use of public space and demonstrate innovative forms for funding ideas and actions.

The Urban OS  2.0: Ninety Nine Things You Can Do In Bridgeport  is part of an ongoing campaign to examine applications promoting opportunities for renewing our public space as well as creating opportunities for cultural and economic empowerment. We’ll be sharing their ideas in a month long workshop/ retreat/ incubator so we can engage in a collective hack of the current urban operating system.

Version Festival 15 – June 1015
For the past 14 years Version Festival has introduced innovative projects that tackle local social and urban issues. The festival highlights projects and people that engage public interest and promote the cultural use of public space.

Marz Community Brewing Company Collaboration ( Ongoing )
PMI partners with the Marz Community Brewing Co to create their “Community Brew” series, and donate the proceeds  from these specialty beers to neighborhood-specific causes in our neighborhood of Bridgeport.

Multiple Publications ( Ongoing )
PMI will publish several issues of the following publications:
Slow Ride, a novel by Brian Mier
The Guide to Chicago Jagoffs
Lumpen Magazine
Mash Tun Journal
Proximity Magazine
Matériel Magazine

The Incubator (Some time in  2015)
PMI will be partnering with BTP Industries to help establish a  hub for entrepreneurs working in the field of technology, small manufacturing and other creative enterprises.

Co-Prosperity Sphere ( Ongoing )
Our experimental cultural center, The Co-Prosperity Sphere, will host, curate, program and produce dozens of exhibitions, shows, events and other programs throughout the year. Visit coprosperity.org for schedule.



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