Upcoming Projects


Lumpen Radio WLPN 105.5
This year PMI will spend most of it efforts in  launching a new non commercial radio station for Chicago called Lumpen Radio, WLPN.

Lumpen Radio (WLPN) is a non commercial radical radio station that showcases innovative ideas, plays highly curated music, and broadcasts commentary on the issues of our day. WLPN will spotlight the hidden parts of the city we love, amplifying its voices and sounds. We will be a station for the people that live and work in the city, people everywhere that love Chicago’s underground cultures, and people who love the idea of free form radio wherever they are. Our main studio will be located in the neighborhood of Bridgeport, but we will have mobile and temporary studios located throughout Chicago, broadcasting live from bars, clubs and cafes near you.

It will be located at 105.5 FM on the radio dial as well as online at lumpenradio.com. Each week WLPN will be an outlet for hundreds of artists, educators, performers, non profit organizations, DJs, musicians, entrepreneurs, and community activists to share their ideas and amplify their messages to up to 1.7 million listeners a day.

Hyper Curated Music
Chicago is missing an innovative and non-formulaic radio station. To begin setting the initial foundation for our audio laboratory, we have recruited some of Chicago’s premier creative individuals from within and outside of the music industry. These innovative experimenters and visionary artists run the gamut from various radio producers, audio alchemists, activists, DJs, podcasters, record labels, ham operators to musicians, story tellers, spoken word/performance artists, librarians, art critics, educators and sound editors whose expertise and knowledge are indispensable for such an imposing project. Our DJs build their own setlists and curate their own shows from their own record crates. Though a wide variety of genres are featured on WLPN, we will create a cohesive listening experience that mirrors and reinforces Chicago’s vibrant and advanced music scenes.

Talk Talk
Part of our mission as WLPN will be to produce and incubate live talk and documentary programming from our studio in the Southside. With a wide range of partners and co-producers, we are developing underground storytelling shows and comedy programs, activist and maker spotlights, as well as radical political commentary on local issues. WLPN will broadcast the only local wrestling show in Chicago as well as Chicago history docs, musicology shows and a Chicago blimp cast over Lake Michigan.

 Community-Based Radio
WLPN will also serve as a platform for education and outreach. WLPN will be an invaluable tool for neighborhoods to shape and amplify their own voices – thus impacting economic development, public safety, creative expression, and information sharing. We will work with many of the hard working nonprofits in Chicago to present their ideas and agendas. And we’ll engage with local students, giving them an inside look of how our station is run and what local radio can mean for a community. We also plan on incubating and accelerating programs and shows made by our WLPN DJs and producers at the station to be syndicated and podcast online.

Programming 2015:

Public Media School –  Summer , 2015
In July 2015  PMI will train students, volunteers and members of our community to produce audio programming for Lumpen Radio.

Lumpen Radio Studio
This summer we will be building a studio to house the Lumpen Radio station in the front window of the Co-Prosperity Sphere. It will be the main studio for the station and be visible to the public at street level.

Lumpen Radio WLPN  App
PMI will be building our first application so that mobile phone and tablet users will be able to stream WLPN Lumpen Radio from their personal devices.

Lumpen.com Website
We will be creating a new website and portal for all Public Media Content that is print or on the air. The site will incorporate new daily web content by posting articles, photos, videos and audio. Back issues of all publications will be added to the website.

Marz Community Brewing Company Collaboration ( Ongoing )
PMI partners with the Marz Community Brewing Co to create their “Community Brew” series, and donate the proceeds  from these specialty beers to neighborhood-specific causes in our neighborhood of Bridgeport.

Multiple Publications ( Ongoing )
PMI will publish several issues of the following reformatted and redesigned publications:
Lumpen Magazine
Mash Tun Journal
Matériel Magazine

Co-Prosperity Sphere ( Ongoing )
Our experimental cultural center, The Co-Prosperity Sphere, will host, curate, program and produce dozens of exhibitions, shows, events and other programs throughout the year. Visit coprosperity.org for schedule.



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